Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Notes on Shoes

Generally, men and women are very different, but when it comes to shoes...there’s an abyss between us!
We all know it, for a man, a shoe is just something that covers his feet. For a woman, shoes have magical powers. They can make you feel gorgeous, pretty, sophisticated or sporty  before you can say Jack Robinson!. Houston Chronicle writer, Kathy Gibson said : “Unlike shopping for jeans (which is about as much fun as going to the gynecologist), shopping for shoes is an exhilarating experience. Feet don't have hips, feet don't have thighs. Feet are our friends." Tall or short, chubby or slender, any woman can buy the perfect pair of shoes knowing that they will look fabulous on her. 
A fashion critic, Holly Brubach says :” A new pair of shoes might not cure a broken heart or soothe a tension headache, but they will relieve the symptoms and chase away the blues." This is a good „theory”  according to the fact that every woman feels this way. But why do women need shoes? What can they do? Fairytales have the answer: the first woman who was conscious of the value of a good pair of shoes was... Cinderella! But for that crystal slipper, the charming prince wouldn’t have found her and they would have never fallen in love.

Buying a new pair of shoes is like falling in love with a tall, muscular, mysterios, blue-eyed  guy or tasting a chocolate bar , but much better! For some of them, those impractical and really expensive shoes are like an addiction they have to feed. Take a look into your closet. How many shoes to you posses? Be honest. If you have 10 pairs of boots, 8 of flats, sandals, pumps, sneakers and wedges you need to be healed. But not that healed because  it’s in your nature  to love shoes, it’s like a divine right, but you have to be responsible and  think twice before purchasing a new pair. Ask yourself and don’t lie to yourself : „Do I really need those beautiful, Dior, high heels?”. If the answer is no, leave the shop and come back when you will need them. If the answer is yes... ask yourself again.
Nowaways, shoes obsession is a common „disorder”: women spend their child’s college fund for Alexander McQueen’s last designs, women cry for days when they can’t find the right shoes to match the dress, women are strange indeed.

So here’s a tip : take care of your shoes, because in this way you take care of your feet too.  Wash them, polish your leather shoes and wear a different pair every other day so they can last longer.

In the end there isn’t much left to say : shoes are amazing and like all other great things, they are completely evil, but if you use your head when you spend your money on a pair of shoes, be smart and invest in a good, long-lasting one! 

* On that note, here's a book recommendation (something light, slightly superficial, perfect for your summer vacation): Secrets of a shoe addict - Beth Harbinson

Bisous, bisous

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