Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Zara theory

House of Art shirt, Zara skirt, Zara shoes, Zara bag, Claudia's accessories

Inditex brand Zara is known across the globe as a provider of (usually) quality high-street market clothes, shoes and accessories but that recognition also brings the problem of oversaturation. In clearer terms, going to a party in a Zara dress means taking the risk of having another person or ten wearing the same dress. 
But even so, the store is still a nice provider of basics, meaning that if I had to choose one store and dress in its clothes almost from head to toe, Zara would definitely be considered. 
Here we tried to assemble a simple outfit but keep that chic note of a quality basic item by using shape and bold accents to tie the outfit's different pieces together. 

The skirt is Zara, a high-waisted, loose midi with a flowy fabric and a flattering shape for a lot of figures. It makes us think of summer and despite it's conservative look, the bold ink blue color can balance the outdated look. 

While the shirt isn't Zara but an old House of Art, it's difficult to find a closet missing a white button down shirt. This one has an interesting fabric, somewhat shiny but very comfortable and that matches the vintage look of the outfit. 

The shoes and the bag are the Zara versions of some famous style staples, mainly reminding us of Pierre Hardy's sandals and Hermes' Birking bag but don't be afraid that they're exact copies. Both items keep the subject of a high end product, but Zara has its own ideas and manages to use the simple shape in an original way through color and details.

Bisous, bisous


  1. Am si eu sandalutele astea, dar mi se par incomode. Frumoasa tinuta!♥

    Te astept pe blogul meu, poti gasi in noua sectiune SHOP, articole in tendinte, la preturi accesibile!

    1. Multumim! Stiu ca sunt incomode, dar mi-au placut atat de mult incat daca stiu ca nu am mult de mers, nu prea ezit in a le purta.