Thursday, July 19, 2012

To begin with


This is what we'd call "a blog of memories", our blog. So who are we? 
It's hard to describe a person in just a few words, but we'll try. 
We've been friends for quite a while and even though we see the world in different colours there are some things that kept us together, things that didn't just fade with fashion. We saw pointed shoes, boot-cut jeans and emo hairstyles come and go, but we kept to the classics and our friendship did the same. 
One of us is Cristina, the other Claudia and we're both "made in România", but our hopes go far beyond the east-european borders.
Through this blog, we'd like to prove and disprove some of the rumors about our country, be it fashion or culture-related.

So if you've found this blog, be ready, expect anything from fashion to travel to cooking, but mostly fashion.

Here are some things we like...

Bisous, bisous

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