Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jeffrey Campell Lita
                Jeffrey Campbell hit it big when he released a shoe named Lita. I refuse to call it “little” because…look at the picture. That shoe is not little, size-wise or personality-wise. While it might appear as an ordinary boot with a chunky heel from its description, the Lita has that it-factor that makes a shoe sell-out within days of restocking. Appearing on many famous fashion blogs didn’t hurt it either. At a price that is by far more affordable than many designer shoes, the Lita has quite a few qualities of a big name company shoe.
                As a owner myself, I admit to being surprised at the quality of the manufacturing and the leather used (the pair I own is black, similar to the one in the picture), but also at the fact that even though they had a large platform, they didn’t feel like it, not only concerning the weight, but the overall feeling of the shoe. What I like most is that the Lita manages to find somewhat of a balance between a “loud” shoe, the approximately 2.5 inch platform isn’t really what I’d call quiet, but the simple black leather reminds of a classic, quality shoe. But if simple is not really what you want, you can find the Lita in colors ranging from macrame to something like dog tapestry.
As far as comfort is concerned, I don’t think people buy 5 inch heels and expect a great deal of it, but the Lita surprised me here as well. I expected them to be wearable, but I can really say that serious problems only appear after something like a day of shopping, to put it in practical terms.

For those living in Romania, you can find the Lita (and other Jeffrey Campbell shoes) at the Chantal store in Bucharest or use their address to order on line. I went to Bucharest when I bought my pair, and even though they didn’t have it at first in my size (which was my usual 36 nothing special there) they were very nice (and they didn’t mind that I was almost shaking with excitement and allowed me to try out everything I wanted) and I was able to purchase my pair when it was restocked. 

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